January 29, 2023

Announcing Our Campaign: UFCW Meet the Moment

We are the "Meet the Moment" candidates

Announcing Our Campaign: UFCW Meet the Moment

Dear UFCW Delegate,

The UFCW 2023 Convention could not be happening at a more important moment. We face great threats to the industries in which we work. We believe that if we invest in our members and invest in organizing the unorganized, we can build UFCW into a strong union for all Essential Workers.  

Every five years we have the opportunity to shape the vision of our union. We, along with a group of fellow candidates, believe that this convention is a vital moment for the future of our union. We are the “Meet the Moment” candidates. We are working together to ensure that UFCW evolves to meet this unprecedented moment for our members and all Essential Workers. To meet this moment, we deserve union leadership that invests in workers so we can win the best contracts and aggressively organize.

We know the challenges we face.  Essential Workers do not make enough money. We need affordable quality healthcare for all. We need strong pensions so we can retire with dignity.  We need safe workplaces. We deserve respect.

Together, we can build the UFCW that Essential Workers are calling for and deserve. Meet the Moment Candidates believe:

  • The UFCW must invest in strategic organizing in order to grow
  • The UFCW must coordinate bargaining and aggressively take on our largest employers
  • UFCW members deserve a democratic voice in their union
  • UFCW members deserve the right to strike and pay on the first day of a strike

In the coming months we will have more information on specific plans to meet the moment, and a leadership team that truly reflects the workers of UFCW. We will support delegate trainings and meet-ups of reform activists. You will also hear more information on Meet the Moment Candidates, reform amendments and resolutions we will be supporting at convention.

If you have questions or want to get involved in our campaign to build a better UFCW please get in touch with us at team@UFCWMeetTheMoment.org or text us at 619-955-2970. You can also get more information from our campaign and subscribe to receive updates at: UFCWMeetTheMoment.org

These are the Meet the Moment endorsed candidates, with more endorsements and supporters to come:

Naomi Oligario, Safeway/Albertsons

Meet the Moment Candidate

Rigoberto Valdez Jr.

Meet the Moment Candidate

Dr. Joan Heller, Kaiser

Meet the Moment Candidate

Faye Guenther

Meet the Moment Candidate

Current VP’s Endorsed by the Meet the Moment Committee:  

Kim Cordova

UFCW VP, Endorsed by Meet the Moment

Andrea Zinder

UFCW VP, Endorsed by Meet the Moment

Todd Crosby

UFCW VP, Endorsed by Meet the Moment

Featured Meet the Moment Campaign Supporters:

Kathy Finn

Meet the Moment Supporter