A union that meets the moment

That's what UFCW members across the United States and Canada deserve. We are a group of UFCW leaders who have organized to run for union leadership at the 2023 UFCW International Convention. We are the Meet the Moment slate.


We want to build a more powerful union

Union members deserve a UFCW International that answers to them and invests in workers. We want to build a union that is ready to face the unprecedented moment UFCW members are facing. The Meet the Moment candidates believes in the following four priorities:

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Strategic Organizing

The UFCW has shrunk by over 110,000 members in the last eight years. We need to invest in strategic organizing in order to grow.

Coordinated Bargaining

The UFCW must coordinate bargaining and aggressively take on our largest employers. Together, our union locals are stronger.

A Democratic Union

UFCW members deserve a democratic voice in their union. There is currently no workers voice in the leadership of the UFCW. We want to change that.

The Right to Strike

A worker’s power is to withhold their labor. All UFCW members deserve the right to strike and pay on the first day of a strike

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UFCW International's leadership should reflect the workers of our union. Currently, there are no rank-and-file voices in the leadership of the UFCW. To meet this moment, we deserve union leadership that invests in workers so we can win the best contracts and aggressively organize.

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